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LALLYPET™ Whirling Pet Slow Feeder

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Whirling Pet Slow Feeder

Designed specifically for pets, these are beautiful, colorful, and charming toys. The size of the pet slow feeder is perfect for your pet. When going out, your pet will not be alone or biting on furniture, keeping your house tidy.

This is a multi-functional and fun pet toy, very suitable for pets to play interactive games, making your pet happy and busy. Durable, non-toxic, bite-resistant, safe, and washable.

The Best Gift For Pets: The pet slow feeder is the perfect gift for your pet and can play interactive games with you.

Spinning Balls Keep Pet Busy: The pet toy stimulates your cat’s senses and hunting instincts. This will increase their sensitivity and will not cause persecution on the furniture at home.