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Lallypet™ 3 in 1 Dog Slow Feeder IQ Toy

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3 in 1: slow feeder, dog bowl and leaking toy ball

Slow feeder: small round particles increase the effect of slow feeding Dog bowl: The bottom is equipped with anti-skid silicone pad to prevent overturning and moving. Leaky food ball toys: The ball has a knob switch, you can pour dog food. There are holes at the bottom, emitting the aroma of the food in the ball. It can make the dog see and smell the food in the ball, making it more attractive to the dog.

Stable Dog Base Bowl: 8° Titled design and 6 fixed non-falling silicone anti-skid pads to make your furry friends more convenient to eat safely and stably; and better for the cervical spine as they don't have to lower the head completely to eat, and the Built-in 4 tibia structures can increase the structural strength of the Base bowl, slow down the dog's eating speed and also prevent being bitten raised by dogs

Encourage Play Interactive Slow Feeding - IQ Treat Ball: Interactive play feeding to make our furry friends smarter, and keep them mentally and physically active while playing; Only when the dog turns the ball in a specific direction can obtain food, and the adjustable leakage hole can suitable for the majority of dogs food

Bite & Fall Resistance: 4.33 inches diameter of the sphere, bigger than most small and medium-sized dogs' mouth and it is not easy to be bite

Use this toy to exercise the dog's brain, help the pet's sense of smell, let the dog enjoy interesting feeding when moving the ball with his nose or paw, and provide mental stimulation. This interactive entertainment toy can shift the dog's attention to obtaining delicious food from educational toys, so as to avoid stress behavior. It can help your dog relieve anxiety, distract them, and refocus on positive and positive things

100% Material Safe: All the products use Non-toxic and food-grade PP materials, of which the slow feeder lick mat is TPR + PP material, Non-toxic and shatter-resistant; NOTE: Please use under supervision

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Savanah Cartwright

Nice toy! My dog took the thing in her mouth and got the lid open, Hahaha! I learned her that she could not take it in her mouth and she gets it now! Good strong material, my dog is big and she hits that thing hard with her paw!

Wilfrid Davis

Got it for my dog and he loves it. Only works with tiny sized snacks. Shipping was also very fast. Got here to Montreal in 2 weeks. Satisfied.

Guido Powlowski

I liked malinua, on the first day he did not understand, a little more, 2 months, but then figured out and he himself brings me to charge him food. Puppy plays with pleasure, adult dogs toy is not interested.

Myrtis Wiegand

The robot is top, my dog loves, he quickly understood the principle and very simple to use. Fast and neat delivery I highly recommend