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LALLYPET™ Carrot Patch

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Keep Your Dog Entertained for Hours on End!

Do you often find your dog running around the house, digging, searching and destroying things? ever wonder why that is?

The truth is that dogs have an natural instinct to hunt, forage and dig for food. This instinct is still deeply embedded in them, even though they've become domesticated over the years.

Carrot Patch™ has been thoughtfully created through the combination of ingenuity and our love for dogs that will provide your furriends with endless fun and stimulation along with many health benefits!

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Multiple Pockets

LALLYPET™ Carrot Patch plays right into your pup's sniffing and tracking instinct. Your furbaby will enjoy nosing into 12 pockets designed to hold toy carrots that once removed can reveal hidden kibble and favorite treats

Slow Feeding

A puzzle, a training tool, a great game to play together, LALLYPET™ Carrot Patch delivers amazing health benefits. It encourages exercise and doubles as a feeder that helps dogs learn to eat slowly, preventing the risk of bloat and indigestion.



LALLYPET™ Carrot Patch features durable construction using soft quality materials that are neatly sewn, non-toxic, and free of taste and odor. It's equipped with a non-slip base and is gentle on the nose, great for scent training.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Kristina Nilsson

Very cute, very good quality. The carrots have thick, my dog ​​loves them very much.

Emil Nilsson

A good product, tough and perfectly fulfill its function.

Lennart Åslund

LALLYPET™ Carrot Patch

Kristina Svensson

Excellent mat, fast delivery. Everything is super, the dog liked it

Johan Nilsson

Awesome quality. My dog loves it!