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Lallypet™ Dog Toy Toothbrush

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  • Nontoxic Bite Resistant Dog Treat Toy: This dog treat toy is Ideal for stuffing with snacks and treat with nontoxic high quality extra-tough EVA materials. Perfect for veterinarians, trainers, dog enthusiasts and owners.


  • Have More Fun for Your Pets: This dog dispensing stick is a perfect boredom breaker and bright colorful design can attract dog's attention, keeps dogs occupied and have a wonderful time when owner is not around.
  • Strong Tooth and Healthy Habits: Perfect for dogs who love to chew instead of chewing the shoes/furnitures, also help to pure tooth and have a healthy pets.

  • IQ Trainning: This dog treat feeder can also be a fetch and throw trainning toys to have fun with your dogs.
  • Interactive Toys: Can be used as interactive in the ground, water and pool, enhanced the interaction between pets and onwer. This dog toy is also washable and easily cleaned without any problem.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Florian Konopelski

My Shepherd LOVES this toy. It's his favorite. I'd previously purchased one elsewhere and he played with it for a year and it stood up to him for that entire time. We're talking about a dog that eats beef femurs like they're chewing gum. That says something about the durability of these toys. What they toy could not withstand was my rotten kids. They got tired of the dog squeaking it, so they poked a pen though the squeaker. The dog was crushed. He'd wander around with it in his mouth frantically trying to get a sound out of it before he'd drop it, then flop down next to it with a huge dejected sigh. It broke my heart so I bought him another. You could see how happy he was when the new one arrived. Hopefully your dog will enjoy it too.

Dusty Purdy

My dog has one of the other shapes of this toy. She has had it for years and she finally started to chew pieces off it so I was trying to find the same one to replace it but sadly the shape isn't available or in stock so I went with this one instead. She hasn't chewed it or played with it like her original one but I think for now it is a good replacement until I can find the original shape. *My dog is an aggressive chewer! The fact it took her several years for the original one needing to be replaced is a huge deal. She usually chews through toys within hours if not minutes. The quality seems to be the same as the original one.

Laisha Lubowitz

Great sticks, thank you

Sally Shanahan

Perfect size and shape charm the product arrive super fast and with a very good quality.

Vicenta Rohan

My dog LOVES squeaky toys, but we always run into an issue where she chews out the squeaker within 30 minutes of getting a new toy. NOT THIS TIME! This squeaker stick is super durable and she hasn't been able to chew through it after several weeks with it. Very happy with this purchase!