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LALLYPET™ Catch Me ball

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No more bored cats with the new LALLYPET™ Catch Me ball

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With its rotating ball, flashing, and equipped with two stimulating accessories for your cat, it will keep it active and entertained for the whole day. Allow your cat to release his excess energy even when you are not available: the Catch Me ball will make him run in all directions!

With an autonomy of 4 hours, we can assure you that your cat will tire well before the ball...

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Just press the switch and throw the ball at your cat for a good 45 minutes of non-stop play! Your cat will therefore be able to exercise more, which will allow him to improve his immunity, reduce obesity and kill boredom


  1. Press the switch: monochrome red light display

  2. Press the switch a second time: colored led light display

  3. Press the switch a third time: stop

  4. Automatic shutdown: after 45 min

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Kåre Persson

The toy is very cute and works very well. My cats have not play with the new toy because afraid of it, but believe in a few days they will not stop playing.

Lars Andersson

Order was delivered well within the estimated time (5 days before). The package of the ball was delivered in good order. The ball was delivered along with two threads with or a bell or a feather and was ready for use, with a already charged accu. The ball is a clever toy making the cat curious. The irregular movement, the lights and the sound do create that effect. When connecting the cable with the bell our cat already came checking what was going on (last photo). A charging cable has been delivered along with the ball, but I have not needed it yet.

Karl Andersson

Fast delivery, has colorful lights one of functions can be used as leisure my cat loves. Battery reasonable. My cat to early loved, now and more a toy.

Hjördis Eriksson

Thanks to the seller, for the little gifts. The product I know it very well, it's the third balls I buy.

Karl Östlund

Super! As expected! Cat.